The most human thing we have is still the language.
Theodor Fontane (1819-1898)


These days communication is of utmost importance. Each published text is seen as a public representation of the respective company, but also for private individuals it is important to represent themselves in a professional way. To communicate in the native language of your business partners or friends is a sign of respect and helps to contribute to a pleasant and open ambiance.

It would be a pleasure to assist you with your linguistic requirements and therefore I invite you to contact me. Whether you need a translation, an interpreter, private language lessons or proofreading, I will gladly create a personalised quote for you.

Translations, interpreting

Quality is of utmost importance for my translations. In order to produce a professional translation, it is not only essential to have excellent language skills, but it is also vital to have a good understanding of the respective specialist field.

Through my diverse professional experience I have been able to gather a broad knowledge in different fields, which I can now exploit to create translations to a high standard. In the field of business communications I can prepare letter or e-mail templates and aid you in oral communications with your business partners.

Available languages for translation and for interpretation are German, English, French, Spanish and Finnish.

Language lessons

With every new language you learn, a whole new world of communication awaits you and therefore private language courses are also available for the languages German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Finnish. It is possible to either arrange individual courses or courses for small groups. The number of lessons, the location of the course as well as specific course contents can be agreed upon individually.


Two heads are better than one and therefore it is an advantage if a text is proofread by more than one person. In my professional life and especially during my studies I have gathered a lot of experience in proofreading and stylistic revision of different text types and academic papers.


It is my goal to facilitate communication across cultural and linguistic boundaries and help other people with associated questions.

Alexandra Winkler Bakk. phil., BA

My passion for languages already began to develop at a very young age, because back then I already found it fascinating to be able to communicate with different people and to immerse myself in another culture via the language.

Having graduated from commercial school, I decided to attend a tourism college because in tourism languages are always an asset. After that I worked in various areas of tourism and other sectors. Through all these professional occupations I was able to gather valuable knowledge and experience and enhance my language skills . However, after several years in the professional world I decided to further immerse myself in languages and thus I began my studies at the University of Vienna. In the course of my professional occupations, as well as during my studies, I was able to benefit from longer stays abroad in Great Britain, France, Spain and Finland. In that way, I was able to improve my language skills and understand the respective cultures even more.

Having finished my university studies, I had the opportunity to gather my first experiences as a translator/interpreter, especially in the fields of tourism, marketing and some more technical areas (mechanical engineering), whilst working for two different companies, until, in the end, I decided to take the step into self employment and thus making my enthusiasm for language and culture my own profession.


Bachelor's degree Transcultural Communication, University of Vienna, Languages: German, French, Spanish

Bachelor's degree in Fennistics, University of Vienna, Languages: Finnish, Swedish

English Language Certificate: LCCI - SEFIC (Spoken English for Industry and Commerce) - advanced level

Tourism college with the main emphasis on tourism organisation, Tourism Shools Salzburg - Kleßheim, Languages:English, French, Spanish

Commercial School Liezen, Languages: German, English, French

Several Italian courses


At the moment I offer services in the following languages:

German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish